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DR300 Pocket Colorimeter


Proven past. Innovative future - Meet the newest Hach pocket colorimeter.

How do you make the best portable colorimeter on the market? Start with the tired and true Hach Pocket Colorimeter II - one that has been used by hundrends of thousands of water professionals in harsh conditions for almost two decades - and make key mechanical improvements: upgraded waterproofing; larger display; ergonomic design. The result is the Hach DR300 Pocket Colorimeter, the next generation in portable instrumentsation. Reduce date collection hassles, eleimated transcription errors, and ensure stronger compliance traceability.

  • Single Parameter go-anywhere portable photometer
  • Battery operation for a maximum of 5000 tests
  • Waterproof instrument IP67 (even better than PCII)
  • Larger, better display

DR300 Pocket Colorimeters are NOT sold with chemical reagents. Reagents must be purchased separately.


Titralab AT1000 Series Automatic Titrators



 Automatic titration without all the complications

Simplify complex titration with the Titralab  AT1000 from Hach. Straight from the box the AT1000 eliminates operator interpretation and manual processes you have come to expect with existing manual titration. The automatic system gives you more reliable results without complicated analysis. To make setup and titration simple, the AT1000 utilizes application specific kits to make it quick and easy for anyone to set up and operate a test.
The measuring parameters are application pack dependent

  • Reliable Titration Results
  • Simple Setup and Titration


TL23 Series Benchtop Turbidimeters


The TL23 Series benchtop turbidimeters for a wide range of turbidity applications feature the trusted technology of Hach’s legacy benchtop turbidimeters and improved functionality to simplify testing. These features include a color touch screen, a USB port for data transfer, self-diagnostics for quality assurance, and single point calibration for measurements under 40 NTU/FNU.
The TL23 Series benchtop turbidimeters are available in four different models: two models with tungsten lamp at 460 nm, and two models with LED light source at 860 nm.


TU5 Series Benchtop Turbidimeters

The TU5 Series benchtop turbidimeters for drinking water and other pure water applications feature a revolutionary 360° x 90° Detection Technology™, engineered to see more of your sample than any other turbidimeter. This unique technology is used in both the TU5 online and TU5 benchtop turbidimeters, allowing you for the first time to remove the uncertainty of which measurement to trust. The 360° x 90° Detection delivers the best low level precision and sensitivity while minimising variability from test to test.

The TU5 Series benchtop turbidimeters are available in four different models with stable laser
light source: two EPA and two ISO models, each with an additional RFID option that allows you to
compare values from online and lab measurements.